What's going on in Green Bay with the Packers offense?

 The Green Straight Packers are having a difficult time against the New York Planes. It's passed on fans and savants to address what is happening in Green Cove as the Packers' offense battles.

Subsequent to losing 27-10, seeing why is not hard. It's actually surprising to see a group with Aaron Rodgers at quarterback battle so powerfully at home. Per the CBS postgame show, it denoted Rodgers' most awful lost at home and snapped the group's 15-game series of wins at Lambeau Field.

An especially terrible grouping happened on three second-quarter drives. After a wonderful extraordinary groups play that brought about an obstructed dropkick and the ball at the Planes' 36-yard line, the offense was hailed for holding and Rodgers took a nine-yard sack. They would need to dropkick. Their next two drives finished with a bumble and a bombed fourth-down endeavor.

For the game, they arrived at the midpoint of a horrendous four yards for every play. The Planes got done with 99 passing yards yet at the same time arrived at the midpoint of 1.2 yards per play more than the Packers.

A lot of NFL offenses have looked terrible this season. Groups drove by Russell Wilson (Denver) and Matt Ryan (Indianapolis) rank among the most horrendously terrible hostile groups in the association. The battles for Rodgers are the most odd. In those different cases, a little piece of the fault can go to QBs in new conditions. Rodgers doesn't have that reason in Green Sound.

Assuming that the group endures more revolting games like today against the Planes (4-2, 1-0 in AFC East), Rodgers and lead trainer Matt LaFleur will end up under more examination.

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